A FitBit is one of several brands of health monitor currently available that are marketed as a means of improving your health. To be fair, no specific health claims are made, but improving cardiovascular health, and thereby reducing hypertension, is a unique selling proposition for this type of device. Does my FitBit live up to this claim?
I was given a FitBit as a gift and prior to receiving it I had not thought about such devices. I quickly discovered that to even use it I had to upgrade my smart phone to one that uses the latest generation of operating system as the device records and displays data on a smart phone App.
The second thing to understand about this type of fitness monitor is that it only records and displays data. What is crucial is how you use it. How it is set up also influences the results it produces. The tabloid press recently carried a story of a grandmother, who had been given this type of device, had clocked up tens of thousands of steps each day even though she had not left her sofa. It turned out that she was knitting clothes for her grandchildren and the device incorrectly interpreted her movements as walking!
I am right-handed and usually wear a wristwatch on my left arm. I started out wearing my FitBit on my right arm and it was set up accordingly. It soon became apparent that it too was incorrectly interpreting my arm movements and was counting them as if I was walking. Wearing the device on my left arm and adjusting the settings gave much more accurate data.
The above anecdotes demonstrate that it is the type of exercise that you take which is important. Brisk walking or jogging for 30 to 45 minutes each day has been shown to lower high blood pressure by up to 10% and that the benefits last for about 23 hours. That is why exercising each day is an important way of reducing hypertension. The important thing is that your heart rate must be elevated for a period of at least 30 minutes in order to obtain the benefit.
The type of health monitor I have counts the number of steps I take in a 24 hour period. It also works out how many minutes exercise I have taken, how far I have walked, and how many calories I have used. The more steps taken in a given time results in more calories being burned.
All interesting stuff, but does using this type of device help lower high blood pressure? The answer is that it depends on how you use it. To get the most out of it and to lower your high blood pressure, you need an exercise plan and to use the device to monitor your progress.
My exercise plan is simple. My goal is to take not less than 10,000 steps each day (about 5 miles) of which 3 miles is to be taken in one concerted 45 minute session of brisk walking. The remainder is made up by shorter periods of exercise.
Where does my health monitor fit into my plan? I have a goal and an exercise plan. The monitor tracks my progress in achieving my goal and lets me know if I am on track or have fallen behind. In short, it motivates me to achieve my goal. The App does this by a series of motivational messages displayed on the device and nudging me if I have been inactive for an hour, and providing weekly progress reports.
Can a FitBit (or similar device) really help reduce high blood pressure? Yes it can if used correctly and in conjunction with a suitable exercise plan.
Expert Author Harshad Jethra
High Blood Pressure Low Salt Recipes
Preparation time 15 minutes
Cooking time 15 minutes
Serves 4
1 cup mixed sprouts (moong, chana, makai), cooked
1/2 tsp cumin seeds (jeera)
1/4 tsp mustard seeds (rai/sarson)
2 bayleaves (tejpatta)
2 whole red chillies broken into pieces
1/8 tsp asafetida (hing)
1 tsp ginger-green chilli paste
½ tsp red chilli powder
¼ tsp turmeric powder (haldi)
2 cups low fat curds (dahi)
4 tsp besan (Bengal gram flour)
2 tsp oil
¼ tsp salt
Let's check out the recipe for Sprouts Curry, a low salt dish for hypertension patients.
For this we need precooked mixed sprouts.
FOR THE KADHI (CURRY), we need curd which is nicely stirred.
FOR THE TEMPERING, we need bay leaves, dry red chillies and mustard seeds.
We need salt to taste, a teaspoon of coarsely grounded ginger and chilli.
We also need two pinches of asafetida and a little gram flour.
People often make 'Kadhi'.
There is 'Sindhi Kadhi' and 'Maharashtrian Kadhi'. In UP there are some different Kadhis.
But this particular Kadhi is meant especially for high blood pressure patients and uses sprouts very smartly. There are all sprouts in it.
First we will mix the gram flour and curd. Mix it nicely such that there are no lumps.
Add in a bit of water.
While adding water, keep in mind that you do not need to add a lot of water. Just add a little water and bring the mixture to a lumpy formation.
Then you can add some more water so as to prevent lumpy formation.
We are done.
Now we will heat some oil in a pan.
Add in some mustard seeds for the tempering.
We will add coarsely grounded green chillies and ginger paste once the mustard seeds start crackling.
Now add in bay leaves, red chillies and a bit of asafetida.
Asafetida has its distinct flavor but you have to be a little careful while adding it.
Asafetida will burn if you suddenly put it in the oil.
So we put all other ingredients and then add asafetida. That way, it won't get burnt and you will find its taste as well.
Now we will add the mixture of curd and gram flour into the pan.
Add in some water to monitor the thickness of the mixture.
Upon cooking for some time, you can add in the sprouts.
Lots of sprouts! Wow!
Now let's add in salt.
Add salt at the very end because we are using curd, green gram and after that we had added dry spices.
Then we added in the sprouts.
If we add salt to the curd, then it would've been insufficient for the sprouts.
That's why we add all the ingredients and then add salt to taste.
You must keep in mind that this is a low salt recipe and a recipe which is being made for the people with high blood pressure. So you must use salt in a limited quantity.
Our 'Sprouted Kadhi' is ready.
Now we will serve it. It looks amazing.
When you serve, choose to keep the bay leaf and red chilli towards the top.
Sprouted Kadhi is now ready.
What is Hypertension?

Hypertension, also known as, High Blood Pressure (HBP), is a serious medical condition. It happens when the force of the blood pumping through your arteries is too strong. When your heart beats, it pushes blood through your arteries to the rest of your body. When the blood pushes harder against the walls of your arteries, your blood pressure goes up. Your blood pressure may be different at different times of the day. It is usually higher when you first wake up, after you exercise, or when you are under stress.

Having higher blood pressure for short amounts of time is normal. However, when your blood pressure stays high for most of the time, it can cause serious health problems. You can monitor your blood pressure by using a monitor at home and by consulting your doctor. Normal resting reading in an adult is approximately 120/80 mm HG.

HBP can be life threatening if left uncontrolled or undetected. It can lead to Heart Failure, Stroke, Heart Attack, Kidney disease or failure, Vision loss, Sexual dysfunction, Angina or Peripheral artery disease. These conditions are very serious and must be treated. Knowing the signs and symptoms can help determine when to contact your doctor.

What are the top noted signs and symptoms of hypertension?

Headache on the back of your head that is very discomforting.
Weakness that is abnormal.
Nervousness that could be mental and physical restlessness.
Dizziness accompanied by tension or anxiety.
Ringing in the ears or a buzzing sound that occurs frequently.
Loss of sleep called insomnia because of the involvement of the brain.
Nose bleeds caused from the small vessels in the nose rupturing due to raised pressure.
Shortness of breath, feeling as if your breathing is going to cease.
Chest pains especially on the left chest wall or around the shoulder or neck that is provoked by physical exertion as the heart muscles are deprived of blood and oxygen supply.
Fainting or a feeling of objects moving around you.
Changes in vision as a result of changes in the capillary blood vessels in the eyes.
What causes hypertension?
Family history
Excessive alcohol intake
Inactive lifestyle/lack of exercise
A high salt and/or high fat diet
High intake of caffeine
Smoking and stress.
How do you treat hypertension?
Lose excess weight and watch your waistline- Losing weight is one of the most effective ways, other than medication, for controlling hypertension. Also, carrying too much weight around your waistline can increase your risk for hypertension. Check with your doctor to see what your healthy waist measurement should be.
Exercising regularly- Regular exercise for at least 30 minutes each day can help lower your blood pressure or help prevent you from getting hypertension if you are pre-hypertensive. Walking, jogging, swimming, cycling and strength training are some of the best exercises in lowering blood pressure. Talk to your doctor to start up an exercise plan.
Eat Healthy- Eating foods rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products can help lower your blood pressure. Cut back on caffeine.
Reduce salt intake- the smallest amount of reduction of your salt intake can lower your blood pressure by 2-8 mm Hg. Some people are more sensitive to salt and should lower their intake even more. This includes African Americans, ages over 51, and anyone diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes or chronic kidney disease.
Limit alcohol intake and quit smoking. Quitting smoking helps your blood pressure return to normal.
Reduce Stress- Chronic stress can be a contributor to HBP. Occasional stress can also be a risk if you often turn to unhealthy food choices, alcohol and even smoking.
Regular appointments with your doctor can help monitor and treat HBP. You may be prescribed medication if the other options do not lower your blood pressure to a healthy level.
Hypertension is a serious condition and should not be left untreated. Taking your blood pressure on a regular basis and listening to your body can save your life. Pay attention to the signs and symptoms of Hypertension and contact your doctor if any are present.

لا شك أنه في كثير من الأحيان تريد تحميل إحدى التطبيقات من متجر جوجل بلاي فتواجهك مشكلة عدم توافق التطبيق مع جهازك خاصة إذا كان ذا مواصفات ضعيفة نوعا ما، و هذا راجع لكون هاتفك يتوفر على إصدار قديم، لهذا في موضوع اليوم سأقدم لك الحل النهائي لهذه المشكلة من خلال تطبيق.
تطبيق رائع لتغيير إصدار هاتفك لكي تتمكن من تحميل التطبيقات الغير متوافقة مع جهازك بسهولة
التطبيق يدعى Build Prop Editor و يتجلى دوره في جعل هاتفك يبدوا و كأنه ينتمي للإصدار الحديث، و للاستفادة من التطبيق يجب أولا أن يكون هاتفك يتوفر على صلاحيات الروت و التي يمكنك الحصول عليها من خلال موضوع سبق التطرق إليه : أحصل على صلاحيات الروت بطريقة سهلة.
بعد ذلك حمّل التطبيق على جهازك و أنقر على زر القلم المتواجد بالأسفل من أجل التعديل و تغيير إصدار هاتفك.
ستظهر لك مجموعة كبيرة من الملفات توجه إلى ro product model  ثم قم بتغيير إصدار هاتفك فمثلا أنا اخترت sm-n910f 
بعد ذلك ضع نفس الإسم الذي اخترت في كل من ro product name   و ro product device و ro product board ثم إضغط علىSave  و بهذا قد تكون غيّرت إصدار هاتفك بطريقة ذكية و سهلة لتتمكن بعد ذلك من تحميل أي تطبيق على بلاي ستور دون مشاكل، و كملاحظة فإن الخدعة صالحة أيضا بالنسبة للهواتف الأخرى غير سامسونج.
لتحميل التطبيق: Build Prop Editor

من يتوقع ان أهم ميزات تطبيق المساعد الذكي "كورتانا" لن تعود متوفرة على التطبيق الخاص بالاندرويد، فقد اندهش جميع المستخدمين بعد التحديث الجديد الذي قامت به مايكروسوفت على تطبيق "Cortana" و الذي يزيل ميزة "Hey Cortana !" و التي تسمح باستدعاء المساعد الشخصي الذكي من مايكروسوفت عبر أمر صوتي.

التحديث الجديد الذي سبق إطلاقه في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية يكشف عن عدم وجود هذه الميزة المعتادة والتي تعتبر من أفضل ما يميز المساعد الرقمي "كورتانا"، وأشارت بعض المصادر الإعلامية أن السبب وراء حذف الميزة على منصة الاندرويد هو التعارض مع ميزة "Ok Google" التي تسمح باستدعاء المساعد الذكي "Google Now" من غووغل.

و سبق لشركة مايكروسوفت ان أعلنت قبل بضعة أشهر عن تطبيق "كورتانا" المتاح رسميا للاستخدام على منصة الاندرويد، إلا أنه كما أشارت التكهنات أنه لن يأتي بمثل ميزات التطبيق الخاص بمنصة الويندوز فون نظرا لبعض المشاكل المتعلقة أولا بعدم توافق العتاد الداخلي للاجهزة ونظام ويندوز فون فضلا عن مشاكل متعلقة بوجود المساعد الذكي "غووغل ناو" على منصة الاندرويد المطورة رسميا من طرف شركة غووغل.

حاليا لم تقدم مايكروسوفت تعليقا حول إزالة ميزة "Hey Cortana" على منصة الاندرويد، وسنوافيكم بالمزيد من التفاصيل وقتما توفر ذلك.
في الكثير من الأحيان ما نقوم بالتقاط صور باستعمال الهاتف و نرغب في نقلها الى الحاسوب و هذا الأمر يجعلنا نشرع في ربط الهاتف بالحاسوب عن طريق كيبل usb حيث ان هذه الطريقة الكلاسيكية وجد لها العديد من الحلول لكن قد تكون هذه الأخيرة تعتمد على بعض البرامج و تطبيقات معقدة الى غير مستحبة من طرف فئة لا يستهان بها من المستخدمين.
طريقة نقل ملفات جهازك الأندرويد الى الحاسوب و العكس دون كيبل usb و بدون برنامج
في هذا الموضوع سوف أشارككم على مدونة تقني فور طريقة بسيطة جدا و أكثر من سهلة بكل صراحة لنقل الملفات و تصفح ملفات هاتفك أو أي جهاز يعمل بالأندرويد بدون ربط هذا الأخير بحاسوبك عن طريق كيبل usb فقط و من خلال انشاء ip لتزامن الحاسوب مع الهاتف ، فما يجب أن تعلمه أنك لن تقوم بتثبيت أي برنامج على حاسوبك فستقوم بتحميل تطبيق صغير الحجم على جهازك الأندرويد و هو تطبيق مشهور جدا أعتقد أنه متوفر بأي جهاز أندرويد (اسم التطبيق : ES File Explorer) ستجد رابطه أسفل التدوينة كالعادة ثم تذهب الى القائمة الجانبية اليسرى بالتطبيق تنقر عليها ثم Network بعد ذلك تختار Remote Manager.
جميل .. الأن انقر على Turn On اذ و قبل ذلك تأكد جيدا أنك تلج نفس شبكة الواي فاي سواء على الحاسوب أو على الهاتف ، سيتم انشاء ip تزامني لربط الهاتف بالحاسوب و كما تشاهد معي في الصورة فذلك هو ip ستقوم بكتابته على شريط this pc بحاسوبك (My computer) ثم ستظهر لك جميع ملفات هاتفك كما أنك تستطيع حذف الأولى و نقل الأخرى كما تشاء و كأنك قمت بربط هاتفك بكيبل usb .. ناهيك عن تخليك و عدم الحاجة الى درايفر أو تعريف الهاتف بحاسوبك و العديد من الأمور.
رابط تحميل التطبيق : ES File Explorer File Manager

قام موقع MoboMarket بنشر تقرير مفصل  عن بيانات الهواتف الذكية في الشرق الاوسط خلال الربع الاخير من سنة 2015 ، ويضم هذا التقرير سلوكيات المستخدمين إستنادا إلى تحليل  بيانات مستعملي سوق التطبيقات الشهير MoboMarket والذي تم تطويره من طرف شركة Baidu  . 

ويجدر الاشارة إلى ان متجر mobomarket اضحى يعد منافس قوي لمتجر الرسمي للاندرويد google play ، حيث يكسب شعبية كبيرة يوما بعد يوم بين المستعملين العرب لما يحتويه من عدد ضخم من التطبيقات والالعاب خصوصا ، يجد فيها الشباب العربي مايميل إليه . حيث وصل عدد التحميلات التطبيق في الربع الاخير من سنة 2015 إلى 175 مليون تحميل بعدد نشيط للمستخدمين يقدر ب 13 مليون مستخدم كل شهر  . كما تتلخص قوة هذا التطبيق في 3 نقاط اساسية :

اولا : انه تمتجر مفتوح وغير مقيد :

من اكثر الميزات الرائعة في سوق التطبيقات mobo market هو كون انه مفتوح ! ويمكنك تحميل جميع التطبيقات منه عكس تطبيق جوجل بلاي . فالتطبيقات التي قد لاتجدها في هذا الاخير هناك حتمية كبيرة ان تجدها في سوق موبو ماركت . بل واكثر من ذلك ان التطبيقات في متجر موبو غير مقيدة بالبلد . فكم من مرة نتفاجئ برسالة :  هذا العنصر غير متاح في بلدك ؟  على جوجل بلاي ستور .

ثانيا :تحميل التطبيقات والالعاب دون الحاجة إلى حساب

 من نقاط القوة في متجر mobomarket هو كونه يمكنك من تحميل التطبيقات والالعاب دون التوفر على حساب . عكس جميع المواقع الاخرى والتي تتطلب منك على الاقل التسجيل بحسابك في الشبكات الإجتماعية مع ضمان سرعة العملية ! لكن العكس مع موبو ماركت فهو يضمن لك تحميل جميع العابك المفضلة والتطبيقات بدون الحاجة إلى تسجيل

تالثا :  عدد كبير من الالعاب خصوصا والتطبيقات عامة متاحة بالمجان !!

نعم فتطبيق موبو يتوفر على  الآف من التطبيقا فحسب الإحصائيات الاخيرة التي نشرتها الشركة المبرمجة للتطبيق فنتحدث عن 175 مليون تحميل خلال الربع الاخير من سنة 2015 !! و 17 مليون تحميل فقط في شهر سبتمبر المنصرم !! حيث تعد سوق الالعاب في الفئة الاكثر تحميلا في المتجر بنسبة 53%

رابعا : سهولة الواجهة الرسومية

يكفي ان تحمل التطبيق للتأقلم معه بسرعة ، فمهما كانت قدراتك ومهاراتك التقنية فهذا لايهم مادام ان التطبيق التطبيق انيق وسهل التعامل  والتجاوب .

وضم التقرير تحليل عن سوق الاجهزة المستعملة لتطبيق MoboMarket والتي بلغت 175 مليون تحميل تشمل 13 مليون مستخدم نشيط  إلى إعتلاء شركة سامسونغ المرتبة الاولى بنسبة 92% كأكثر الاجهزة المستعملة تليها شركة نوكيا وسوني.

 كما ان اغلب مستعملي الهواتف الذكية هم من مستعملي اندرويد 4.4 بشاشة عرض  WVGA 800X480 بنسبة 42.1%. يليها 1280X720 بنسبة  32%

 واشار التقرير في تحليله لنوع التطبيقات المحملة ان اغلبها من الالعاب ويترأس الترتيب الالعاب العادية تم العاب الاكشن والسباق ، في حين ان 26.3% من المستعملين يقومون بتحميل تطبيق كل يوم في الشرق الاوسط . 

ويبقى إتصال الوايفي هو المفضل لجل مستعملي الهواتف الذكية ، حيث ان نسبة التحميلات عن طريقه بلغت 86.1% في الربع الثالث متقدمة بنسبة ضئيلة مقارنة مع الربع الثاني حيث وصلت نسبة التحميلات عن طريق الويفي إلى 86.1% . بخلاف  نسبة التحميل عن طريق شبكات الهاتف فلم تتعدى 1.8% .

ويعتبر يوم السبت   هو اليوم المفضل لذى جل المستشرقين في تحميل التطبيقات والالعاب ، حيث ان هذه الاخيرة تلقى إقبالا اكثر متقدمة عن تحميل التطبيقات . يليها يوم الجمعة والخميس .

ويمكنك الإطلاع على المزيد من التفاصيل والبيانات إنطلاقا من النقر على الرابط الاتي وتحميل ملف التقرير من هنا 


متجر موبوماركت للتطبيقات كسب شعبية كبيرة جدا في فترة قصيرة من اطلاقه في الشرق الاوسط ! فبالإضافة إلى كونه متجر يعج بالتطبيقات والالعاب فإنه كذلك يضم خلفيات رائعة متجددة على إستمرار يمكن ان تزين بها هاتفك  . للاسف ان التطبيق رغم الشعبية التي يفرضها التطبيق إلا انه غير متواجد على جوجل بلاي ، لكون جوجل تعربته المنافس الاول لها ! كما تابعتم من خلال الإحصائيات اعلاه ! إلا انه يمكن تحميله عبر النقر على الرابط اسفله : www.mobomarket.net

Dental Insurance Plan - What Are The Benefits 

To Avail From Dental Plan?

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Real oral prosperity is a central bit of a strong and secure lifestyle. A not too bad and capable dental protection plan is in actuality going to help you in every manner. Figuratively speaking, oral prosperity is improved by getting a dental arrangement. Generally, people are very little convinced with this office, yet mark my words there is various favorable circumstances which can be brought. People who are going with dental protection can achieve dental organizations incidentally. For sure, if you are a ceaseless visitor to the dental expert focus, picking a dental protection plan will be astoundingly gainful. For instance, you can build month to month premiums, deductibles, yearly maximums and altogether more to consider over. The essential is to approach the right dental protection plan for a strong strategy for living. Underneath we have discussed a bit of the essentials regarding this oral prosperity plan. Have an impression! 

Peruse more: What can happen when you don't have dental protection? 

Dental protection plans are available for individual similarly with respect to the whole family. It is the most regarded preferred position offered by the associations to motivate you and your family's oral prosperity. As referenced previously, a famous firm is simply going to empower you to out from the ethical issues. Along these lines, it's essential to purchase in for an authentic dental protection plan and that can be obtained by making a proficient request. Be explicit with your necessities and in like manner, give high thought towards the features of the dental arrangement. We should see a segment of the upsides of this organization. 

All the dental plans revolve around restricting dental illnesses. 

Points of interest like flossing and brushing. 

Customary dental enlistment. 

The refutation of excessive dental drugs. 

Cost of ordinary enlistment and dental examination is diminished so to speak. 

Fundamental techniques like X-bar, filling are managed suitably. 

As a supporter of a dental protection plan, certain updated preferences also fall accessible to you. If you are going up against a specific oral condition and require oral thought treatment by then, your dental arrangement goes about as an additional utility. In such a condition, you'll be passed on extra cleaning and in peril, individuals like people encountering diabetes, heart afflictions or periodontal ailments are favored with topical fluoride. Dental protection plans are proposed just to diminish your dental expenses. 

Here, I should need to make reference to that dental arrangement does not serve all your dental thought needs. Certain obstructions and evasions will constantly be a bit of dental protection plan. The web is the best source from where you can remove absolute information as for dental plans. It is your drive to pick the arrangement which meets your necessities. There's no deficiency of the dental plans, you'll get an unending number of designs to consider. These dental ventures are made for everyone. Just to make your dental thought basic and sensible, these plans are shown. By getting a handle on this office, you will associate with the renowned dental thought providers. 

Pretty much, a dental protection plan is an endeavor to decrease the cost of progressive dental visits. In case you really need to smile with strong gums, see this office now.
"The Rais Alpenseer" .. The legend of Amazigh singing, which criticized Hassan II

"الرايس ألبنسير".. أسطورة الغناء الأمازيغي الذي انتقد الحسن الثاني

"The Rais Alpenseer" .. The legend of Amazigh singing, which reprimanded Hassan II 

On November 11, 1989, the updates on the passing of the Amazigh artist of verse and political melody of the ladies of the Great Souss clans left only a quiet on a murmur of a radio that they didn't get it. They were sitting tight for the name of Muhammad Al-Bensir, yet there was nothing toward the evening magazine about a man who lived far from the inside, to keep individuals hanging tight for an errand person from the Elpenseirn district of Mme Natanot, maybe he goes to the destiny of a rich writer of Amazigh and whined about the state's edge on the edge and his music, which has not yet discovered the best approach to acknowledgment. 

On this day, Mohammed Ajahoud, an artist who tested Conte's picture of the riffraff and his thugs, scrutinized the late King Hassan II's arrangement straightforwardly and unambiguously and composed the minimization of the official media of Amazigh as a byproduct of her enthusiasm for the Oriental tunes of Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Umm Kulthum and different artists, "Since 1961 we have celebrated the ruler, and he couldn't purchase Amazigh craftsmen, even a bike," he says. 

Elbensier's solid melodies will proceed and lead him to capture in 1981, after he sorted out a challenge ballad about the dissents of the nation during that period, and called it "Akran", ie flour, and examine the states of dry spell and the financial droop that has tormented Morocco, Driss Basri, as "Saints of Komira". 

Albensier, who experienced childhood in 1937 in Albenseren, did not know his name rich from each meaning of a street to a road or back road, even in the place where he grew up, and remained secured neglect just from the memory of Amazigh ladies who discussed his tunes at whatever point they accumulate to get the globules or corner in ladies' social events In Dwyer Sus. With respect to men, they once in a while overlook the day when the pioneers and diocesans came to gather a required commitment to the development of the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, to be trailed by Albensir, a lyric entitled Timzkidha, the mosque. 

The lyric was prohibited from going out to the market, as indicated by Albensier's nearby partners, and Rais sang it just in the nighttimes and occasions, joined by numerous tunes that were the subject of lasting responsibility for him, for example, the tune "Rabi Zayed Ezz Ahlhit Natat Asleg Attic" "It was a tune that was confined for political mindfulness among the Amazigh prominent gatherings, which felt the absence of reasonableness and acknowledgment. 

The Legend of Amazigh Singing 

"Artist and Rais Mohamed Albensir is a legend that will never be rehashed ever, an artist who composes verse and a performer on a lot of melodic instruments," said Abdullah Boushtarat, a specialist of Amazigh culture. "The first is the rabab and after that the lutear. Different instruments incorporate the flute, the oud and the talonet, Self-made. " 

"The upside of Albensier in his singing verse is that he looks for sonnets in religion, relocation, travel, the travel industry, love and social issues, for example, destitution, underestimation, insatiability, covetousness and distance, however he achieved the top, masterful magnificence, and awesome and wondrous distinction with political melody or the thing can be said about it," Bouchart said. Progressive tune ". 

The representative included that he scrutinized the general public, the state and the political framework at troublesome political minutes, for example, Akorn, which was captured in 1981 and which came with regards to famous uprisings and basic change. He restricted the current political framework and guarded the Amazigh appropriate to manage and rehearse governmental issues. About the development of Hassan II Mosque, an unregistered lyric that caused him issues with the specialist. " 

Code of Khalid 

"The man would have had an a lot more noteworthy enthusiasm than Montpani right now if the Amazigh had an incredible topographical achieve," said Mohammed Vaakzan, a specialist in Alberser's verse. "Notwithstanding his little social dimension, he had an incredible consciousness of individuals, Was appended to the worries of the common laborers and has conspicuous progressive inclinations, it has turned into an image of supernatural articulation of social issues and the status of Amazigh. 

"Albensier's sonnets included numerous subjects of good measurement too, as he kept on reviling the double dealing, misleading and depravity of society," Vaakzan said in an announcement to Haspress. 

The representative included: "Albensir talked about issues of mind-boggling expense of living and the underestimation of Amazigh by the state, and condemned the late King Hassan II not once in an emblematic or direct." 

The creator of the verse of Albersier said that the last "behind in excess of 566 tunes and sonnet, and the way that a significant number of the Royce and Raisat, who are as of now conspicuous in the Amazigh workmanship scene," focusing on that "the man will remain an endless image of the Amazigh culture."
Susians rally to organize march in white to end "shedding shepherds"

سوسيون يحشدون لتنظيم مسيرة في البيضاء لإنهاء "تسلط الرعاة"

The associations of the Amazigh Movement proceed with their endeavors to put a conclusion to the circumstance of "dissidence" forced by traveling pastoralists who are messing with the occupants' territories. "Planning Coordination for the Protection of the Right to Land and Wealth" chose to walk on 25 November in Casablanca, Known by the Souss district. 

The walk, which was formally chosen after a gathering in Casablanca, "will begin from the United Nations Square through the Royal Army Street towards the Valley of the Stores, Paris Street and the Lalla Al-Yaqout Street, finishing the Victory Square," as indicated by a similar coordination, pronouncing "open the entryway to the increase of every considerate tire wishing In that before the decision of its structures. " 

The association reported in its allure "its connection to the solidarity of the class in the battle to lift the unfairness, and the achievement of the considerable number of stations of battle and support, including the walk of 25 November in Casablanca." 

"The walk comes after the seizure of our property by the High Commission for Water and Forests, a gathering of maviosis gaining practical experience in touching and ensured by obscure sources," said Hamou al-Hasnawi, an individual from the Ezervan association. Regular citizen "in Casablanca," worked from inside a bound together coordination called the Coordination Council to shield the privilege of the occupants of land and riches. " 

Al-Hasnawi said in an announcement to Hasparis: "The quiet walk comes as a challenge against the lives of our districts, regardless of whether in Souss or Ahahan, and from Tensift to Adnan and the south-east, from stripping the occupants of their territories and looting their regular assets. Advancement in light of the exhaustion of riches and common assets of minimized regions. " 

The Amazigh on-screen character included that "the walk will challenge the strategies of purposeful uprooting by the state against the populace, regardless of whether by dumping it with wild pig and harmful reptiles or by contaminating its ecological field by making mines that work without conveying books that assurance regard for nature and the populace. 

Al-Hasnawi finished up his announcement by saying: "These are for the most part solid purposes behind the exit of the walk of 25 November, just as underlining the program of battling opens the route for acceleration and the utilization of all the quiet papers we have, including the strike paper and upset the economy."
"Memory Center" celebrates the arrival of the new Amazigh year

"مركز الذاكرة" يحتفي بقدوم السنة الأمازيغية الجديدة

From 10 January to 13 in Meknes, in partnership with the Meknes group, the Ministry of Culture and other institutions, the Center for Shared Memory for Democracy and Peace will hold several cultural and human rights activities to promote intercultural dialogue and build and strengthen the foundations of coexistence, New 2969 ".

"Based on the Meknes Declaration of Dialogue of Cultures, which was one of the most important outcomes of the previous session, which was adopted as a strategic choice by the bodies of the Center for Shared Memory for Democracy and Peace, the International Festival of the Amazigh Year has become a new name: And to make it one of the most important international meetings dealing with the dialogue of cultures and related topics, especially the dialogue of civilizations and interfaith dialogue. "

The first day of the forum will be marked by the organization of a "meeting with an international expert in the field of intercultural dialogue and related topics. In this regard, the Center invited an official representative of the United Nations Secretary-General, Miguel Angel Moratinos, on the Alliance of Civilizations."

The second and third days will witness the organization of a symposium on the formulas of the Meknes Declaration of Dialogue of Cultures, adopted by the participants last year at the fourth session of the International Festival of the Amazigh Year, in the presence of more than forty experts from the world.

According to the organizers, the meeting will focus on ways to answer the questions posed by the themes of "How can intercultural dialogue be integrated into primary, secondary and secondary educational content?" And "How can intercultural dialogue be one of the most important topics in the universities of the countries concerned? And "What are the modes of media workers and communication professionals on the subject of intercultural dialogue?"

"Our aim is to look for the boldest versions of the Meknes Declaration in order to transform it into an integrated document to be heard by the official institutions of the countries concerned and by the regional and international institutions concerned," the organizers said.

During the meeting, a concert will be held at Al-Faqih Al-Manouni Hall to celebrate the guests of Meknes participating in the fifth session of the Meknes Forum for Dialogue of Identities and Cultures. The administrative arena of Meknes will witness the celebration of intercultural dialogue, celebrated by international artists. For the children in the courtyard of Hadim on the theme "Building the human partnership".